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Ugly Duckling Syndrome  by  Faith Loveright

Ugly Duckling Syndrome by Faith Loveright
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Her high school ten year reunion was Elizabeth’s chance to show everyone just how far she’d come from the ugly geek she’d once been, and she was determined to win over the quarterback of the football team, who she’d had a crush on since middle school while she was there.But things don’t go quite the way Elizabeth expects.

Marcus has turned into a bald, potbellied jerk with an ego the size of Texas. Then there’s her unexpected attraction to one of her classmates at the reunion. She doesn’t know who it is, but she can’t help but flirt with the handsome devil when he proves to have brains, heart and a good steady job as well as brawn and raw sex appeal.Things are about to get interesting as Elizabeth finds herself falling for the one boy she’d sworn she’d never allow anywhere near her… the one boy who had been an even more hopeless nerd than she’d been in high school… Her best friend’s twin brother.It would seem she wasn’t the only one who’d been an ugly duckling turned desirable adult!

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